Canterbury Folk Festival

Food and Craft Vendors - please print and fill out the application form and the power application form as per your requirements.

E-mail the application to:

Ian and Paulette Robertson
CFF Vendor Coordinators
174 Margaret St
Ingersoll, ON
N5C 3G5
ph 519 485 3504
cell 519-535-2666

"Zero Waste Zone"
Eliminates landfill waste.


Here is what we are asking of you in order to achieve this goal:

1. Transition to Less Waste will once again supply food vendors with reusable plates, cups and silverware at no charge. If you choose to provide your own containers, they must be recyclable.

2. We ask that vendors bring as little as possible into the park that cannot be recycled.

3. Any garbage you create during the Festival must be removed by you. there will not ba any gabage bins or a dumpster.

4. Please help us promote the recycling to persons who purchase from you. Recycling bins and composting stations with appropriate signage will be placed throughout the park.

5. Vendors are required to keep their space and surrounding area clean and tidy
Please help us make this happen. It's Our Earth